Most of the organized youth sports landscape today comprise of school teams or volunteer based community organizations.

Unfortunately, many schools no longer offer after school sport programs as funding is drying up and teachers, who feel qualified or have time to help, are not as willing to participate anymore.  Community organizations also struggle with an ongoing turnover of volunteers and under qualified coaches. Time and money prevent many organizations from long term investments in their programs

The end result is that sport programs become TRANSACTIONAL in nature and their primarily role defaults to ensuring teams are formed, venues are secured, coaches assigned and scheduled games played.  In short order, the only measure of success of an organization is determined by their stats, most notably wins and championship banners . A culture of “winning at all costs” ensues and focus shifts primarily to elite athletes skill development, leaving the vast majority of youth ‘on the sidelines‘.

Thriving sport organizations on the other hand not only efficiently deliver on the operational transactions but also design and invest into their sports programs resources, tools and training that are TRANSFORMATIONAL for ALL youth athletes

These sport organizations offers youth the opportunity to develop their athleticism as well as life skills such as TEAM WORK, MOTIVATION, COPING, RESILIENCE, LEADERSHIP, GOAL SETTING, COMMITMENT,  LEADERSHIP, CONCENTRATION, DETERMINATION, GROWTH and TENACITY 

As the culture to win becomes more toxic and divisive, parents, advocates and industry leaders will be looking to sport organizations and gauging the VALUE they offer youth in not only their physical development but even more importantly their mentalsocial and emotional development and the positive impact this contributes to building better communities.