If you are looking for an emerging youth sports business opportunity and are considering a Premier Floorball as that franchise for your community, here are the next steps:


    1. If you are curious in only learning more about a Premier Floorball Inc. franchise, you can Request an Information Kit OR…
    2. If you feel you are ready to be considered for a franchise you can start the process and submit an online Confidential Qualification Application. You will be walked through a process. In that process you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
    3. After we review your application and feel there MAY be a mutual fit, you will be contacted by a Premier Floorball Inc. representative to schedule a date and time for a Personal Interview (this forms part of the application process). This will also be a time to answer any questions you may have.
    4. If after your Personal Interview and our other vetting of your application is satisfactory, and you are still interested in proceeding further, we will send you a Premier Floorball Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. The FDD will give you insights into Premier Floorball Inc.’s business and intellectual properties.  This information should help you make a more informed decision on Premier Floorball Inc. before proceeding.
    5. After confirming receipt of the FDD and waiting not less than 14 days, if you wish to purchase the rights to a Premier Floorball Inc. franchise, we will send you a Premier Floorball Franchise Agreement (along with any required ancillary documents) for execution.  At this point a deposit will be required.
    6. Once Premier Floorball Inc. receives your signed Premier Floorball Franchise Agreement and payment of your initial fee, you will be contacted by our Premier Floorball Team to schedule a date to commence your Initial Franchise Training at the Premier Floorball Training Centre in Halifax, NS.