Ideal Franchisee Profiles

Premier Floorball is known as a ‘lifestyle’ franchise, meaning that a franchisee operating a single Area should only be required to invest part time into operating their business and should comfortably meet the performance goals.  In the case that a franchisee chooses/qualifies to secure the rights to multi unit Area franchises, then there would be a requirement for them to invest more of their time and funds into opening multiple floorball clubs in their respective communities.

A Premier Floorball franchisee could look like:

A Sales Professional– many independent personal service sales professionals rely on their network to get new business and referrals (i.e. real estate agent, mortgage broker, financial planner etc.). 
Owning this lifestyle franchise allows for the sales professional to continue to work in their industry but leverage the family relationships they form while operating their franchise.

A (Sports) Family – with youth being so involved in sports, many families find their time together centred around the parents watching or semi participating in their childs sport activity.  Operating a franchise together as a family provides them a way to work and play together and serves to teach the children about life skills such as taking ownership, being responsible, providing service, solving problems, being a leader not to mention managing finances.  The financial rewards could help a family take a vacation, put money towards education fund, buy a new vehicle and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

A Sports Business – whether the candidate be a sport retailer, sport coach, run sport clinics or camps having a complimentary business can serve to help a franchisee broaden their network, cross promote their existing business, build stronger customer loyalty and leverage databases to increase revenues.

A Shift/ Part Time Worker – its not uncommon for shift/part time workers to seek out things to do during their consecutive days off.  Finding a side job that can work with an ever changing shift schedule is challenging however, operating a side business whereby the franchise chooses their own dates/times for floorball activities can fit well in their schedule offers flexibility as well as supplemental income.

An Existing Solepreneur/ Franchisee – there are a number of existing solepreneurs/ franchisees who invest time and resources into finding and servicing children and family needs (i.e. tutor, nutritionist, fitness trainer, music lesson instructors etc.).  Leveraging these relationships to bring new products and services that align with the child(ren) & family permits the solepreneur/ franchisee a way to build a diversified business portfolio and generate additional income from an existing database of clients (and vice versa)

A Newbie Entrepreneur – its scary and intimidating to start a business from scratch.  Franchising is a less riskier option but many franchises are expensive and require large amounts of investment.  For a “newbie to business”, starting out small with a low investment is a great way to learn the ropes and “dip their toe into entrepreneurship”.

A “Franpreneur” Person – if someone is accustom to following systems and curriculums (i.e. military, teacher etc.), has the leadership qualities to champion a movement that will make an impact in their community, has an entrepreneurial itch then this type of franchise would be very rewarding personally and financially.

A Retiree – today many people are staring down retirement or accepting a career leave through attrition/ downsizing.  They are still active, healthy and have a desire to do something, even start their own business, but are uncertain of the many options available to them as they contemplate their next “phase in life”.  A lifestyle franchise such as this can  help them integrate back into a ‘work mode’ on their schedule and help supplement their savings (and build equity for when they REALLY want to retire).

A Community Leader – there are leaders within their community, sport association, church and/or youth organizations who are proud to belong to such, and long to build it to be stronger and healthier.  Youth sport has the ability to reach children who can have a positive impact on their community and on themselves.  A sport environment that fosters healthy, safe, encouraging and edifying culture will play a big role towards a thriving and growing community.  Franchise systems that support franchisees by providing them tools, training and ongoing support to help accomplish this outcome can be personally (and financially) rewarding for such a leader.