A franchise offers a ready-made business model for want to be entrepreneurs.  Buying into a franchise gives owners a head start by foregoing the lengthy (and sometimes costly) learning curve over doing it yourself (DIY).  Franchising also provides trainingbusiness guidance, a network of peers and ongoing support to help grow the business.


In the world of youth sports it is not difficult to start a sports club.  A bit of equipment, a gym rental and a few players can get a club off and running.  Historically though many DIY startup sports clubs, founded on merely passion and lacking strategies and resources, eventually fade away, fail to grow and even lose money.

Starting a sports business is entirely different than just running a sports club. Premier Floorball provides a franchise model of proven marketing strategies, business/ sport management software, training for staff/volunteers, business development advice, a systematized method of delivering our nine floorball activities and of course ongoing support to better increase the odds of an franchise entrepreneur (“franpreneur”) becoming successful in operating their own community sports business