Floorball is a fast, exciting and an affordable sport that resembles indoor hockey.

  • It incorporates rules of play that accentuates safe play for all players.  
  • Uses specialized sticks and a light weight wiffle ball.
  • Can be played on any flat surface whether inside a gym or outdoors on a paved surface.
  • Easy to learn to play and great for all ages regardless of ability or skill.
  • It is a complimentary sport for school curriculums and minor hockey associations.


  • Floorball Canada is the National Sports Organization that governs floorball in Canada.
  • Each year Floorball Canada sends a national team to the World Floorball Championships.
  • Hockey Canada has embraced floorball by integrating it into its Hockey Skills Academy schools as an off-ice cross training activity for hockey players (video).
  • Hockey Canada is actively promoting floorball by introducing the sport to schools across Canada.  


  • Floorball is governed globally by The International Floorball Federation (IFF).
  • The IFF oversees the World Floorball Championships and a number of international competitions for men and women in youth and adult categories.
  • There are over 70 countries that are members of the IFF and 3+ million registered recreational floorball players worldwide.
  • World Floorball Championships often attract an attendance of over 200,000 spectators and over 2 million television viewers in Europe.
  • NHL franchises are adopting floorball in their community outreach programs to allow youth to experience a safe hockey type sport 
  • Each year Canada and the USA compete to represent North America at the World Floorball Championships.


  • Floorball has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee and they are looking to the 2028 Olympics as a possibility for floorball to be a demonstration sport.  
  • Floorball is currently a Paralympic sport and was also included in the 2017 & 2021 World Games, a prelude to the Olympics for many emerging sports.
  • North America currently lags behind in floorball development and both the IFF and IOC are challenging Floorball Canada and USA Floorball to establish more clubs and develop players, coaches and officials, particularly the youth.

“An exciting game that promotes end-to-end plays with quick transitions and fluid game play. The rules of floorball rules stress the importance of safety and sportsmanship.

We recognize (floorball) as an activity that provides the opportunity to demonstrate achievement of the outcomes within the NS PE Curriculum but also provides extended learning opportunities to students outside of the classroom”

Mary Veinotte

Leader, Halifax Regional Centre for Education