When Premier Floorball Inc. set out to explore floorball “as a business” we turned to the existing youth sport organizations market.  We had to consider three things:

  • can a business platform in youth sports be created that encompassed the best of the current landscape of sport organization
    (The Business)?
  • was there room for a non traditional sport among the many well recognized mainstream sports
    (The Marketplace)?
  • was the sport of floorball engaging and exciting enough for youth to learn and play
    (The Product)?

We quickly discovered that, although there are many sport organizations that appear to be successful, they all have nuances that would challenge their quality and growth in the youth sports industry.

  1. The volunteer parent based organizations, while serving a worthwhile purpose in a local community, struggle with high turnover, inefficiencies, personal agendas and seldom have any long term plans past the current executive membership.  In most cases, similar sports between neighbouring communities had very different standards and many inconsistencies.
  2. The small private groups (i.e. hockey schools, soccer camps, basketball programs) proved to be more consistent in their programs but operated in silos and were heavily weighted on a single owner for the daily operations and.development of the business. There are thousands of independent sports business all doing their own thing with some surviving and others folding year after year.
  3. The pinnacle for sports business are the professional sport organizations, a collective group of independent franchisees, coming together under the management of a one governing body, for their mutual interest of growing their sport and businesses.  This model was the best example of a sporting organization that adhered to a set of standards, utilized proven systems and well trained teams and deliver a consistent quality product with sustainable growth.  Their market however, was not youth sport centric and relied on fan based ticket/merchandise for revenues.

Could it be possible to adapt the professional sport industry business model, along with select best practices from other sports organizations/ business, and create a youth sport “franchised” business of a non traditional sport that can consistently deliver a quality product and sustain growth under one brand in any market of the country?

In 2014, we crafted a business strategy that would initially create a floorball club then and evolve into a systematize business model that could be replicated in different communities each Spring.  The following is our journey:

  • We ran a beta floorball club in Spring 2015 to determine if the sport of floorball was attractive to youth  (the “Product”).
  • We defined, created, tested and measured our business model to be sure all the marketing, operational and sport management systems worked and that the club was profitable and proven to work in one club (the “Business”).
  • In Spring 2016 we put the business model ‘under stress’ by adding an additional club in an adjacent community. Using our marketing collateral, club operations processes and sport management software we were successful in registering over 100 youth and running two profitable clubs.  This  validated that our youth sport business works, but also that parents were ready for a new sport that offered a safe, fun and positive environment for their children (the Marketplace). 
  • In Spring 2017 we stepped away from working “in the business” and entered into a licensing agreement with two parties to independently operate these two clubs within their communities provided they adhered to the business concepts and systems.  This would serve to test whether the business model  concept could operate independent of our expertise, knowledge and time.  Coinciding with these two clubs, we operated a small floorball club in a third community as a “control club” to benchmark the revenues, expenses and systems so as to compare with our two licensees.  This was to ensure there was a means to measure any inconsistencies or anomalies that would affect the outcome.
  • In Spring 2018, our two licensees continued to beta test new floorball activities, new marketing strategies, new equipment products and new sport management software to help us find more efficient and more effective ways to consistently grow and sustain their local floorball clubs.
  • In Spring 2019, we merged the two floorball clubs into one larger floorball club and set out to build the brand and bring more awareness to the sport of floorball.  We partnered with local school boards, local recreation departments and several minor hockey associations to offer floorball as a multi sport option within their organizations.
  • In Spring 2019, and in the interest of establishing our brand in the market, we sponsored the Mens U19 World Floorball Championships in Halifax, NS.  This event provided a means to showcase the best U19 men in the world and shed light on the magnitude of floorball worldwide.  It served to reach thousands of school students, minor hockey players and the public and establish Premier Floorball team as a player in the world of floorball.


Premier Floorball Inc. now has a fully tested and a proven youth sport business platform that can alleviate the many CHALLENGES associated with the independent operator of an average floorball club.  We now have the ability to equip an entrepreneur with the necessary equipment, training, system/processes, marketing strategies, business strategies and ongoing support towards establishing a sustainable floorball club in their community (See OUR PACKAGES)


Premier Floorball Inc. plans to grow floorball through franchising and envisions:

  • 100+ recreational floorball clubs across Canada within 7 years.
  • 300+ recreational floorball clubs within the USA within 14 years.
  • Competitive floorball leagues in all major cities in Canada and USA, where recreational clubs can compete and players, coaches and officials can be identified by Floorball Canada and USA Floorball as prospective members for their national teams.

Premier Floorball is the “sustainability solution”  that can provide a solid youth sports business platform that will not only offer the market a healthy non traditional alternative youth sport option but also serve as a foundation for floorball growth in Canada & USA 

(“The Solution”)

“This sport (floorball) is a great training tool for the Dartmouth Whalers teams. What floorball does with hand/eye coordination, stick handling and creativity plus the cardio aspect of it, makes it an important training tool for our teams.

I feel that any team, or organization that is looking for a fun, impactful off ice training tool needs to make floorball their priority.”

Sean McKenna

Past President, Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Association