Premier Floorball was formed to offer a sustainability model to and provide a solid foundation for floorball’s growth in Canada
(“The Solution”):


  • 2014, we crafted a business model and plan to create a floorball club launch system from the ground up.
  • We ran a club in Spring 2015 to test if floorball as a business made sense (the “business concept”).
  • We refined our business model to be sure all the marketing, operational processes and sport management systems worked, the clubs were profitable and the overall “floorball as a business” concept could be proven to work.
  • In Spring 2016 we put the business model ‘under stress and scale’ and successfully launched two more U14 clubs with over 120 youth playing, proving that the business of floorball works using our systems, processes and sport management software.
  • In Spring 2017 we stepped outside our business and entered into a licensing agreement with two parties to run clubs within their communities using the structure of our business model and our systems, to test whether the model and business concept could operate independent of our expertise, knowledge and time.  Coinciding with these two clubs, we operated a corporate floorball club in an adjacent community as a “control club” to benchmark revenues and expenses and to ensure we adhere to the same business model as our two licensees, should there be any concerns about systems, processes or training.


Premier Floorball Inc. now has a fully tested business plan, business model and has proven the concept that can alleviate the many CHALLENGES associated with the average floorball club, providing the entrepreneur ensures they follow our system/processes and implements our marketing strategies, utilizes our training programs, and continues to follow the plan towards a floorball club’s success and sustainability.


Premier Floorball Inc. plans on growing floorball through franchising.  We envision:

  • 150+ recreational floorball clubs across Canada within 10 years.
  • 300+ recreational floorball clubs within the USA within 15 years.
  • Competitive floorball leagues in all major cities in Canada and USA, where recreational clubs can compete and players, coaches and officials can be identified by Floorball Canada and USA Floorball as prospective members for their national teams.