From 2015 and 2019 Premier Floorball would endeavour to design, create, test and implement a prototype, community based sports model, that would not only transform a typical DIY floorball club into sustainable floorball business but also incorporate the best of the three current sports models under one brand while not comprising any quality or standards for youth sports.

And so the journey and discovery began…


Beta tested a floorball club to determine if the sport of floorball was engaging to youth  (the “Product”).

Created an initial business model around a floorball club to evaluate the marketing, operational processes and sport management software and profitability of that club (the “Business”).


Added an additional club in an adjacent community to test scale of business possibilities

Tested a number of different marketing initiatives and partnership strategies (i.e. schools, MHAs)

Successfully registeredover 100 youth in two profitable clubs and tested, evaluated and documented the processes for consistent delivery and quality of the operational systems

Validated that our youth sport business works and that parents/ youth were ready for a new sport that offered a safe, fun and positive environment
(the “Marketplace”).


Entered into a licensing agreement with two parties who would independently operate both clubs

Test  the business model for scale, to determine if the systems could be 3rd party implemented without the founders hands expertise and time.  

Corporately opened another floorball club in an adjacent community to benchmark and validate revenues, expenses and profitability against existing clubs

Compare outcomes with all three “test markets” to determined what worked and what did not work in the business model and, where necessary, modify training, process, software, marketing campaigns.


Continued to develop and introduce new floorball activities, marketing strategies, equipment products and sport management software over the span of the year to find even more efficient and more effective ways grow and sustain the local floorball clubs.


Merged the two original test floorball clubs into one club and set out to explored networks within the larger community that would be beneficial to bring awareness to floorball and serve to ‘feed’ and grow the floorball club

Created and evaluated custom designed floorball programs and marketing collateral for local school boards, local recreation departments, corporations and minor hockey associations that were compatible and beneficial to their members

Sponsored the Mens U19 World Floorball Championships in Halifax, NS to showcase the best under 19 years men in the world and bring light on the magnitude of floorball worldwide.