When Premier Floorball Inc. embraced the CHALLENGE and set out to create a  new organized youth sports model that would establish floorball clubs in communities in such a way that they could compete with the more popular sports and health activities, we had 3 core objectives:

 1. Design the sport PRODUCT that:

  • consistently delivered quality activities
  • aligned with the values and principles of advocate groups for the betterment of youth athletes
  • focused on innovative development programs for youth
  • continuously trained staff and volunteers
  • would have a lasting positive impact on youth athletes
  • was safe, fun and exciting
  • was affordable to play


2.  Discover a way to fit in the community sport MARKETPLACE by: 

  • being community minded and supportive
  • having local ownership
  • adopting best practices from other sports
  • being connected to and providing youth a pathway to National Teams
  • ensuring programs and activities appealed to youth of all ages and abilities
  • collaborating with local schools, youth clubs and other sport associations

3.  Create BUSINESS model that would:

  • offer owners training, resources and tools to grow and sustain business
  • provide a variety of revenues channels
  • offer ongoing support
  • utilize the best technology
  • have proven programs and processes
  • consist of high standards and fair and just policies
  • minimize risk to the owner
  • change the way organized (youth) sports is delivered


Over time and throughout THE JOURNEY we discovered more effective marketing, found a robust software solution, defined processes that produced consistent quality outcomes, designed better training programs, gained insights into the organized sports industry, forged new partnerships with marketing & equipment suppliers, operated beta floorball clubs, created diverse floorball activities that not only appealed to more youth but also found favour with parents, compiled all the intelligence and experience in a systematized platform and PROVED THE MODEL WORKS

Furthermore, it became clear that the reason the DIY Floorball Clubs did not thrive (or even survive) had more to with the fact that the operators did not have a well defined business systems and training nor did they have ‘strategic partners’ that could help with the heavy lifting and provide ongoing support/ expertise.


After many years of testing and reiterating, an innovative sports “franchise” model was created, one that is uncommon to the organized youth sport industry, that provides:

  • a systematically way to deliver consistent quality and highly standard sport activities
  • a proven means to grow awareness for the sport and increase registrations and revenues
  • proven marketing strategies
  • a robust business enterprise and sport management technology
  •  key networks and supply chain partnerships
  • foundational training programs for business development and club operations
  • well defined recruitment processes that clearly defines roles and responsibilities for volunteers, coaches and referees
  • ability for owners to operate around the flexibility of their schedule
  • owners collaborate among the network to help each other build value and long term equity

A New Sport.  A New Sport Model

A Premier Floorball franchise provides right holders all the necessary BUSINESS system/processes, marketing strategies, software, equipment, tools, training and ongoing support to start, operate and sustain a floorball club BUSINESS in their community


  • 100+ recreational floorball clubs across Canada within 7 years.
  • 300+ recreational floorball clubs within the USA within 14 years.
  • Establish competitive floorball leagues in all major cities in Canada and USA
    (where franchisee’s recreational clubs can develop players, coaches and officials to compete and be identified by Floorball Canada and USA Floorball as prospective members for their national teams).
  • Host the largest annual international floorball tournament for all franchises to compete at various age brackets
    (i.e. The Premier Cup)

“Customers feel a level of confidence in walking into a business that is part of a larger network in terms of quality control standards, training of staff and consistency of product”
– Mark Siebert, CEO
  iFranchise Group

“This sport (floorball) is a great training tool for the Dartmouth Whalers teams. What floorball does with hand/eye coordination, stick handling and creativity plus the cardio aspect of it, makes it an important training tool for our teams.

I feel that any team, or organization that is looking for a fun, impactful off ice training tool needs to make floorball their priority.”

Sean McKenna

Past President, Dartmouth Whalers Minor Hockey Association