We provide all youth a better sports experience to equip them with skill sets
that will help them flourish and build healthier communities



all youth regardless of their social, economical, physical, mental and/or emotional
should be given an inclusive and engaging place
to learn and play sports (floorball)


sports (floorball) primary purpose should be to provide a safe, healthy and
encouraging environment for participants to
come together to serve,
learn, thrive, share, and build strong lasting skill sets that
better each other and their communities


we hold ourselves, our franchisees and our partners to being fair, just and equitable
in our
business decisions & practices and to uphold to the highest standards
and measurement of Integrity in youth sport


we are here to serve our staff, franchisees & volunteers by providing them all the
resources, training, expertise and time
to best serve our customers and
deliver better sports (floorball) experiences that are
healthier, memorable and rewarding