Floorball is different than Floor Hockey!

  • Floorball uses a special lightweight stick and wiffle ball.
  • The rules of play that promote a safety and less aggressive play compared with floor hockey.
  • Floorball does not require that you have hockey skills in order to compete.
  • Floorball requires the stick to remain under waist level height during play.
  • Floorball does not allow body checking.
  • The rules of play that are similar in nature to soccer which incorporate strategies for using the complete gym to move the ball for creating scoring opportunities versus floor hockey that follows the rules of hockey rules and promotes an aggressive attack to the net.
  • Floorball goalies remain on their knees and have protected creases preventing players from entering their net area.
  • Goalies do not have a stick and handle the ball in ways similar to a soccer goalie.

Floorball Interview with NHL Hall of Fame Inductee Peter Forsberg:

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