Floorball League in Canada:

  • Floorball leagues are more organized and are more competitive in nature than floorball clubs.
  • There are set teams that will play an equal amount of games between each other over a set period of time.
  • Goalies might be used instead on mini nets.
  • Referees are required and statistics are kept.
  • Floorball leagues can be incorporated within a floorball club or a league can consist of several floorball clubs who participate against each other based on a set age bracket, gender and a neutral playing venue.
  • Players are required to purchase their own equipment, be insured, and are required to register with both governing bodies (Floorball Nova Scotia (or provincial governing body) as well as Floorball Canada)

Here is what a typical league night looks like…video from Sackville Floorball Club, Sackville, NS, Spring 2015:

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