Premier Floorball Inc. works in communities across Canada to establish recreational and competitive floorball clubs, leagues, and tournaments. Our goal is introduce and grow the sport of floorball in Canada for both children and adults. Floorball is fast paced and fun hockey-like sport that is easily relatable and accessible to all Canadians!

Our Purpose:

Premier Floorball has a Holistic Approach to Sport. We strive to develop every player into a Total Athlete:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Positive Encouragement and Reinforcement
  • Self Discipline

We are not just playing a game, we are developing people!

Our Values:

  • The Total Athlete: No one person is one dimensional. We value developing the whole person; the physical, the mental, and the emotional.
  • Integrity: Coaches, officials, parents and players will demonstrate good character on the court, in the locker room, in private, among friends and at home.
  • Encouragement: We believe the best in our players, parents, coaches and officials. We will bring out by acknowledging the good and coaching to correct weaknesses.


See some of the skills you can develop through floorball here:

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Our Solution:

We have established a turn-key package solution that allows anyone to to have all the tools needed to get a Floorball club going in their community. We provide the resources for planning, training, and promoting your new club or league. We also have the equipment so you will have all that you need to run a league successfully.

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