The Premier Cup Floorball Championships will be taking place on Saturday, June 3rd starting at 12:00 PM and running to 6:00 PM.

The event will be held at Bedford Hammonds Plains Community Centre, 201 Innovation Drive, Bedford, NS

This gym is new and very large, comprising of two regular size gyms in one. Depending on the number of U14 teams from each club, we will decide on the length of games and use of the gym (two playing surfaces or one). The goal is to have each team play 4-5 games (maybe more).

For inquiries, please contact Anthony@PremierFloorball.com

Here is the round robin schedule for the Premier Cup this weekend. Follow the link to see the live schedule. As games are played, this schedule will update scores and standings. Standings can be viewed by following the link at the bottom of the schedule. Any changes to the game times and gym will also be updated here. The schedule for the play off brackets will be displayed in the gym.

Live Game Schedule

All Premier Cup Floorball Championship games will be played at Hammonds Plains Bedford Community Centre, 201 Innovation Drive, Bedford, NS


1. ALL team’s players must show up at 11:30 AM Saturday June 3rd for review of rules and preparation to begin at 12 PM sharp. It is a very tight schedule and we will need to stay on time

2. Players are to stay within gym facility during event, as games will start and end on time (and warm up times are short)

3. Please respect the gym facility and the staff. No horseplay or shooting of floorballs outside the gym court

4. If a player needs to leave the facility, please confirm with coach before doing so (coach will most likely require a parent or guardian to be present)

5. Players bring snacks, water bottles, towels. There are vending machines but NO canteen/ food service.

6. Parents/ Guardians are asked to be present, but it is not mandatory. Please leave your cell number with Premier Floorball personnel or gym facility staff in the event you leave and we need to contact you.

7. All games will end at 6 PM. Pizza will be offered to all the players, coaches, referees after the tournament

8. This is a fun tournament, intended to have teams from various locations play against each other in the spirit of good sportsmanship (in keeping with the sport of floorball). Rude behaviour by players, coaches and or parents will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Anthony Mac Neil at 902.209.2130 (tel:(902)%20209-2130) (text preferred)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the tournament!!
** Here is how the tournament is set up:
Round Robin Games:
* 2 x 12 minute period (straight time)
* No overtime
* no stop time
* FOUR vs FOUR play
* games played on half court
* goalie required (if none available, then team can add an extra player)
* one referee per game
* teams not able to complete the game or unable to play FOUR players (minimum) will result in forfeit (score will be 5-0 for winning team)
* no mercy rule
* FIVE minute break between games to warm up goalie (goalie should be dressed in advance of each game)
* in the interest of time, only ONE game “salute” & hand shake will take place after each game
Semi Final Games:
* top four teams advance:
+ placement is determined by # wins:
+ in the event of a tie, then by goals for vs goals against, then by head to head, then by most shut outs, then by coin toss
* 2 x 15 minute (straight time)
* no stop time
* semi final game will be FIVE vs FIVE play
* goalie required (if none available, then team can add an extra player)
* games played on full gym
* two referee per game
* only TWO teams advance to Finals (no consolation games)
* 15 minute break after semi final game
* game will require a before “salute” by captains and after game “salute” with hand shakes
Championship Game
* Only one team will be named Champion of the Premier Cup
* 2 x 15 minute straight time
* sudden victory OT, if necessary. 3 on 3 play
* stop time in last two minutes of second half
* teams permitted ONE 30 second time out
* final game will be FIVE on FIVE play
* goalie required (if none available, then team can add an extra player
* game will be played on full gym
* two referees
* game will require a before “salute” by captains and after game “salute” with hand shakes
* presentation of Premier Cup